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Neon Poodle vs traditional neon signs

Safety is key!

When we first dreamed up this concept our focus was kids rooms and in home signs. We wanted a safe way to put a name light in our daughter’s bedroom which could double as a night-light. The single most important consideration when comparing our product to others is the safety! Traditional neon is glass and gas, FULLSTOP. It is breakable and toxic, not suitable for homes with small children as we all know.

This is not the primary driver to purchase our signs, we believe our product is far superior to the old traditional stuff, and we have shown the advantages below.

What's the difference?

There is no secret that our signs are different to traditional neon signs. The product we use for our signs is flexible LED neon which can be bent and joined into any shape imaginable, including names, logos or whatever you can dream up.

Lets take a look at the differences in the following table:

Criteria Neon Poodle Traditional Neon
Light Source LED (lots of them!) Neon Gas Flourescents
Power 12V into 240V transformer 3KV – 18KV KV ? That sounds safe..
Efficiency Uses little to no power. High Power consumption No one wants high power bills!
Lifespan Up to 50,000 hours 10,000 hours 2083 days on 24/7 for NP signs…
Interference Low High Buzzzing
Lumens 210 Lm/m 197 Lm/m 6% brighter than traditional
Environment No Mercury Mercury Pollution No toxics, safe for kids
Durability Unbreakable Breakable Safe for kids and in home!
Install Self hung, lightweight Exp professional required